Wright State University Dayton Campus

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  1. Campus Tour


    1. Student Union (SU)

      Always bustling with activity, the Student Union offers a point of connection for the Wright State community. This 308,000 square foot complex houses meeting rooms, admissions offices, RaiderConnect, Career Services, a fitness center, swimming pool, climbing gymbookstore, credit union, student organizations, student services, the Raider Food Pantry, and more.

      The Student Union is also home to a variety of dining locations such as Tim Hortons, Sushi Do, and the Union Market dining facility, where you will find Zatar, 2mato, HomeStyle Kitchen, Create, Fresh Fusions, Burger 937, and grab-and-go options. 

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      Bookstore, Barnes & Noble
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      Campus Recreation
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      Graduate School

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      RaiderConnect (Enrollment Services)
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      Student Involvement and Leadership
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    2. Student Success Center (SC)

      The Student Success Center is home to Student Success Services, where you will find academic advisingplacement testingUniversity Writing Center, Math Learning Center,  and Tutoring Services where students can receive one hour a week of tutoring or study coaching per course at no charge.

      The 67,000-square-foot building is LEED Silver Certified by the U.S. Green Building Council and features high-tech, active-learning classrooms, open study space, including hallways and corners populated with whiteboards, as well as comfortable chairs and benches. Students who want to meet with team members following classes can slip into “huddle” spaces — small glass-enclosed rooms outfitted with tables and chairs.

      Student Success Services
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    3. University Hall (UH)

      University Hall houses the College of Nursing and Health, a mock hospital, nursing study area, the Office of the President and Provost, Office of Diversity and Inclusion, and Disability Services.

      The mock hospital has a METI Human Patient Simulator, which allows nursing students to practice assessing patients, identify diseases, and respond to body failures such as cardiac arrest.

      SOCIAL MEDIA DIRECTORY: Disability Services
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      President Sue Edwards
    4. Turning Points

      Turning Points, nicknamed by the students as B.A.R.T. (Big Artsy Red Thing), is a vibrant art piece located outside University Hall on campus. It represents the twists and turns a student takes throughout their undergraduate career. Constructed by artist Davis Black and installed in 1999, it has served as a memorable landmark and guide to students on campus.
    5. Rike Hall (RK)

      Rike Hall houses the Raj Soin College of Business, Data Analytics and Visualization Environment (DAVE), and Soin Trading Center.

      Recognized by Bloomberg Businessweek magazine as a top ten trading room in the nation and named a Classroom of the Year by American School & University, the Soin Trading Center provides access to all the same software and tools that real traders use, and the center's 12 terminals deliver real-time data across professional trading, portfolio construction, and risk management software. Students manage a portfolio of real university money worth more than $1 million.

      This building also houses our Rey Rey Café, a student-run coffee shop. Proceeds from the ReyRey Café go towards supporting student scholarship funds.

      Raj Soin College of Business
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    6. Allyn Hall (AL)

      Allyn Hall houses the College of Education and Human Services and the Educational Resource Center (ERC), which provides students access to materials for classroom instruction, fieldwork, and research at the Instructional Materials Center and the Media Production Lab. The Dayton Holocaust Resource Collection is also located here. This building is also home to the Veterans and Military Center, and Army ROTC.

      Inside Allyn Hall is The Hangar, a popular dining facility that offers Pizza Hut, Fresh Melt, The Den, Zona, and the Farmer’s Market Soup & Salad bar. Stop in and get a bite to eat!

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      College of Education and Human Services
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      Veteran and Military Center
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    7. Founders Quad

      The Founders Quad is a popular space for students to gather in between classes to study, play games, and connect with friends. The Quad is centered around the four original buildings on campus: Allyn, Oelman, Fawcett, and Millett, and served as the location of Wright State's first commencement ceremony in 1968.
    8. Millett Hall (MH)

      Millett Hall houses the College of Liberal ArtsBolinga Black Cultural Resource CenterWomen’s Center, Office of Latinx, Asian, and Native American Affairs, Air Force ROTC, New Media Incubator, and the Office of LGBTQA Affairs.

      Millett Hall is also home to the University Honors Program. This program allows students to take advantage of small classes, priority registration, scholarship opportunities, and access to honors housing. To qualify, new students should meet two of the following criteria:
      • GPA of 3.25 or better in high school
      • Rank in the top 10 percent of your graduating class
      • Score at 90th percentile on ACT or SAT
      Located in the basement of Millett Hall are 8 computer labs that seat 20-25 students, equipped with computers, Wi-Fi, projectors, document cameras, and printers.

      Air Force ROTC

      Bolinga Black Cultural Resource Center
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      College of Liberal Arts
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      Honors Program
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      Latinx, Asian, Native American Affairs
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      LGBTQA Affairs
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      Women's Center
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    9. Tom Hanks Center for Motion Pictures (TH)

      Named after the Oscar-winning actor, the Tom Hanks Center for Motion Pictures is a state-of-the-art facility housing award-winning motion pictures programs. Students study all aspects of the industry, including directing, producing, camera work, art directing, and scriptwriting as well as film theory, history, and criticism.

      At 14,500 square feet, the new center houses a production studio, editing suites, a multipurpose classroom, a digital animation lab, and even a “green room” that serves as a lounge as well as a think tank where students can develop future film projects.

      Tom Hanks has been a friend to the university for many years. He previously performed in a Wright State production back in 1978. He has also supported the university through a scholarship fund and other efforts to assist the motion pictures program and its students.
    10. Dunbar Library, Paul Laurence (DL)

      Completed in 1973 and dedicated in 1992, the Paul Laurence Dunbar Library is named for the Dayton native and famed African-American poet. It features the Student Technology Assistance Center (STAC), Starbucks Coffee, and the Special Collections and Archives, home of a large collection of Wright Brothers’ artifacts, Paul Laurence Dunbar poetry, and a variety of other collections. 

      Wright State is a founding member of OhioLINK, a consortium of Ohio college and university libraries and the State Library of Ohio. OhioLINK allows students, faculty, and staff access to books, library materials, electronic research databases and journal articles, e-books, and more, from each of the member institutions.

      Many services provided by the university's Computing and Telecommunication Services (CaTS) are located in the basement of the library. These include the CaTS Help Desk, CaTS Home Base, and Laptops2Go. The CaTS Help Desk is your one-stop shop for any technical assistance you need during your time at Wright State. 
      SOCIAL MEDIA DIRECTORY: Computing and Telecommunication Services (CaTS)

      University Libraries
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    11. Creative Arts Center (CA)

      Creative Arts Center houses the Art and Art History department, the Theatre, Dance, and Motion Pictures department, and the School of Music. Students can be seen practicing for upcoming shows, dance, and music performances in one of the two concert halls or theatres. Stop in to visit the student art collections on display in the Robert and Elaine Stein Galleries.

      The Creative Arts Center is also home to the College’s Center of Excellence for Collaborative Education and Learning in the Arts, an innovative hub for internal and external artistic collaborations that have had a transformative impact on the Wright State campus, the city of Dayton, the region, Ohio, and beyond.

    12. Fawcett Hall (FH)

      Fawcett Hall houses the Department of Physics and the Department of Psychology. Many first year students will have chemistry, biology, and psychology labs in this building. A 1,400 square foot research greenhouse is located on the east side of Fawcett Hall that is used for instruction, research, and the maintenance of a permanent teaching collection.

      SOCIAL MEDIA DIRECTORY: College of Science and Mathematics
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    13. Oelman Hall (OH)

      Oelman Hall houses the College of Science and Mathematics, and the Chemistry department. Brehm Laboratory is connected to Oelman and includes a teaching facility for the science teaching program, chemistry labs, research facilities for Earth and Environmental Sciences, and is home to the Pre-Health Program.

      College of Science and Mathematics
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    14. Medical Sciences (MS)

      The Medical Sciences building was the home of the Wright State Medical School until White Hall was renovated and rededicated as the hub of the Boonshoft School of Medicine. The building now houses a variety of administrative offices and classrooms, including a large 400-seat lecture hall.

    15. Biological Sciences I and II (BS1 and BS2)

      Biological Sciences I and II house offices, laboratories, the Medical Laboratory Science program, and the departments of Biological Sciences and Neuroscience, Cell Biology, and Physiology.

      College of Science and Mathematics
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    16. Health Sciences (HS)

      Health Sciences houses the School of Professional Psychology, and the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology. Support from the Kettering Fund helped purchase new equipment for students and faculty to conduct research in molecular biology and genomic expression.
      School of Professional Psychology
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    17. Diggs Laboratory (DG)

      Matthew O. Diggs Laboratory is an energy efficient building registered under LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) and is the first lab in Ohio to receive this distinction. Students can complete research in the cutting-edge labs. The Biochemistry and Molecular Biology department is found here.
      College of Science and Mathematics
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    18. White Hall (WH) (Boonshoft School of Medicine)

      Serving students in the Boonshoft School of Medicine, the Ramesh K. Gandhi Medical Education Center—White Hall includes two lecture halls with large video screens and cameras for remote conferencing as well as a state-of-the-art anatomy lab with an integrated audio-video system and a dedicated medical student lounge open 24 hours a day.

      White Hall is also home to the Anatomical Gift Program that allows countless medical students, nursing students, physicians, and medical researchers the opportunity to learn about the structure and function of the human body.
      SOCIAL MEDIA DIRECTORY: Boonshoft School of Medicine
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    19. Neuroscience Engineering Collaboration Center (NE)

      Neuroscience Engineering Collaboration Center (NEC) is a four-story laboratory and office space that includes an auditorium for high-level undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty to perform research and experiments. Research areas include: stroke, epilepsy, traumatic brain and spinal injury, and neurodegenerative diseases.
    20. Russ Engineering Center (RC)

      Home to the College of Engineering and Computer Science, the Fritz and Delores Russ Engineering Center contains programming/software design labs, micropressor-based system design labs, and undergraduate project labs.

      The building is also home to a variety of unique labs and classrooms such as the Boffin Factory, an informal lab that can be reserved for cool personal or group projects, and SCALE-UP classrooms designed to increase student engagement, group work, innovation, and understanding of complex ideas.


      College of Engineering and Computer Science

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    21. Joshi Research Center (JC)

      The Krishan and Vicky Joshi Research Center is a 48,000 square foot building that houses a center for data intensive technology innovation. Located between the Russ Engineering Center and the Student Union, the Center is headquarters for daytaOhio, the Ohio Wright Center for Data, on the second floor. Research areas of focus include supply chain, bioinformatics, and capabilities planning.

      The Joshi Research Center is also home to the College of Engineering and Computer Science's Student Success Center, where students can receive academic and career advising, as well as assistance with internships with industry leaders such as Honda, General Electric, and the Wright Patterson Air Force Base, and more.

      College of Engineering and Computer Science
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